Wednesday, September 28, 2011

CF Series 9/28/11

I am putting together a team to professionally market the two novel series that I have been writing since 1995. We are having the Crossfire Novel Series professionally edited, and when that's finished we'll follow up with the Station Force One trilogy which is a Christian Science Fiction group of novels I first wrote in 1985.
I am also progressing in completing "End Times Crossfire", the fifteenth novel in that series, updating the web site, linking all the social networks and the web site, and starting to reissue the newsletter.
I asked a question on my Facebook page today that highlights the general weirdness of the government. Why is it that NASA and the USAF, which have Billions of dollars in super high-tech, leading-edge satellites, computers, sensor systems, etc. Can't even offer a guess as to where a 6.5 ton satellite crashed back into the Earth yet you can get an app for your I phone that allows you to track and monitor where it came down?.
In the humor category I offer the following:
One night a burglar is trying to break into a house. He's sneaking across the lawn when he hears a voice - "Jesus is watching you!" He jumps, turns around, but he doesn't see anything. So he starts creeping across the lawn again. "Jesus is watching you!" He hears it again. So now the burglar is really looking around, and he sees a parrot in a cage by the side of the house. He says to the parrot, "Did you say that?" The parrot answers "Yes I did." So the burglar asks, "What's your name?" The parrot says "Clarence." The burglar says "What kind of stupid idiot would name his parrot Clarence?" The parrot laughs and says, "The same stupid idiot that named his Rottweiler 'Jesus' "

Sunday, September 20, 2009

I'm Back!!

Sorry for the long delay in posting to my blog. There is so much time needed to prepare for a television spot (6:20 a.m. RMT Foxnews - Channel 12 locally) My three minutes of fame. I have an interview to discuss my book and describe the Book Signing that will occur on September 26th at Hastings (Boise, Fairview and Cole roads). My wife set up a round table discussion with four other authors who will be at the book signing. This was recorded for local transmission over channel 11 (Community TV) seven times before the Saturday of the signing (next Saturday).

I am also still processing the novels for POV and Omniscient (there's a lot of work in going through 2700 pages). At the same time I'm creating artwork for the books and the signing.

Punching through all of this is one full-time job and one part-time job, and life in general.
But! I am almost finished with artwork, and only have six more novels to update. There is light at the end of the tunnel and it's not a train coming toward me.

I have gotten many comments about all of the above and the books in general. I have had people reading most of the novels and they are enthusiastic about the action and the spiritual involvement for the characters.

I promise to be more frequent in my postings from now on.

Friday, July 10, 2009

The beat increases

There are so many things to do in order to attend writing conferences, write new novels, prepare for the book signing while at the same time maintain work and life at home. But, it will all work out as we move through time. I keep praying for direction and guidance and frequently am led to do one thing rather than another. I also find a lot of the answers in God's Word. Only four times have I actually been told what to do. One time led me to be born again, one time saved my life, one time changed my life completely, one time gave me direction for the last fourteen years of my life.

You know the source of your leading by analyzing the fruit of the leading. All four direct leadings have turned my life direction in positive ways and brought me more into the Father's will for my life. Service for the Kingdom's sake has eternal rewards which so far outweigh the brief rewards for advancement in this life as judged by men. An example would be: You have a choice to make a great deal of money by being callous of the results for other people (selling faulty insurance, selling a known bad vehicle without telling the buyer, cheating on your income tax, etc.)

All of these may give you momentary gain but move you out of the Will of God for your life (sin by going against God's laws). The efforts also color your view of your character in a negative way (I did it/got away with it before even though I knew it was wrong, why not do it again?) The enemy of your soul delights in leading you away from God but remember, the short time profit/advantage the enemy provides always has the seeds of death in it. Beautiful on the outside, not so on the inside.

It our choice for our life after this one. Smoking or Non-Smoking?

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Israeli Crossfire Book Signing

The third novel in the Crossfire series is "Israeli Crossfire" and was published in June of 2007 by PublishAmerica and is available through the publisher>( or through order at Barnes and Noble. (search for: Israeli Crossfire in the home page search box at the top of the page).

I will be doing a book signing for this book at the Hastings Book Store at

7500 W Fairview Ave (at Cole Avenue)
Boise, ID 83704
(208) 375-3151

The signing will be in conjunction with other local authors of Action/Adventure books on September 26th 2009 between the hours of 11:00 am and 3:00 pm MST. I will add more information as the date nears. It would great to meet all of you.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Cast of the Crossfire Series

After reviewing the requirements of placing artwork (photos) on this blog, I am comparing the benefits of placing the character bios on my website rather than directly on the blog. As soon as I can determine all the pluses and minuses of either method I will start bringing them out so that others can see them. If the followers of this blog have any suggestions I would be glad to hear them.

When I start profiling the characters I will do them in the following order.

Jack Malone
Laura Malone
Mark Connelly
Sarah Connelly (nee Cohen)
Bob Wexler
Alexis Hutton
Sensei Grady
David Zahavy
Carol Nolan
Joe Miland

Again, these are the accurate biographical information about a fictional character along with images that represent my concept of each character.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Cast of the Crossfire Novel Series

I am going to profile each of the main characters (good and bad) of the entire series. I will include images of what I think the characters might look like as well as their biography/history.

After thirteen novels there are many characters involved but I will start with the core team of the Crossfire Team, beginning with Jack Malone.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Oregon Christian Writers Conference

The next step in developing the Crossfire Series. We are planning to attend this conference and increase the exposure for the novels in the Crossfire series. The conference runs between Monday, July 27 through July 30. There will be many agents and editors at the conference and we intend to meet and confer with as many as we can between presentations.